Market Backgrounder For PN Medical Product


The marketplace for PN Medical products is comprised of the healthcare providers and the facilities and channels through which they provide care to patients. PN Medical is pursuing relationships with purchasers, key leaders, and influencers in these channels:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO)
  3. Distributors
  4. Rehabilitation Centers
  5. Home Health
  6. Long Term Care / Assisted Living Facilities
  7. Direct to Therapists

Market Segments


  • Total Number of Hospitals in the United States = 5,686
  • Total Number of Hospital Beds = 914,513
  • Source (2014 data):

DISTRIBUTORS — PN Medical Protected Accounts, Do not Solicit

  • McKesson
  • Medline
  • Alimed
  • Invacare


  • Total Number of Nursing Homes 15,700
  • Number of residents – 1.4 million
  • Number of licensed beds = 1.7 million
  • Source:


  • Number of Home Health Agencies in the US – 12,200 (2012)
  • Number of patients served/ year – 4.7 million (2011)
  • Source:
  • PN Medical Protected Accounts:  Kindred/Gentiva, Genesis, Amedysis


Speech-Language Pathologists

  • 134,100 (2012)
  • 19% increase (faster than average)

Respiratory Therapists

  • 119,300 (2012)
  • 19% faster than average

Main Competitors

Please see competitive matrix.

Major Problem Solved

Weak respiratory muscles result in shortness of breath, reduced stamina, poor sleep and the inability to expectorate–especially dangerous for the elderly, those with asthma, pulmonary rehab, and COPD. Alternatives including exercise (not always possible), and respiratory therapy devices.   

Quick reference:

• Strengthens:
— Inspiratory muscles: diaphragm, external intercostals,
accessory muscles of the neck
— Expiratory: internal intercostals, abdominals.
• Promotes diaphragmatic breathing.
• Generates improved airflow through vocal folds.
• Decreases shortness of breath.
• Improves respiratory support for safe swallow function.
• Promotes a productive cough and assists in airway clearance.

Unique Positioning

5 Main Reasons to Consider Breather

    1. Only medical grade device that strengthens BOTH Inhale and Exhale muscles
    2. The EASIEST to Use
    3. Industry’s MOST Comfortable
    4. Include 1st & ONLY Respiratory Muscle Therapy Coaching App
    5. Price Performance Leader

Average Time to Close

From intro call to close it can take 30 days to 16 months.  Hospitals are more difficult to close (>10 months); while facilities and direct service providers can take as little as 30 days.