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This Breather helped our daughter with her Vocal Cord Disorder when nothing else worked!  Our daughter went from struggling to breath while running, to being able to control her vocal cords. Many times before this breather, she would run with the open mouth (fish out of water look ?) and come in sometimes collapsing. This breather has given her control back and the confidence that she can run and not struggle to breath. Highly Recommend!!!! ~ Anonymous, PARENT


The Breather is a simple and easy device to use and has helped improve my strength and endurance of my respiratory muscles. It has also given me back my voice! I feel more confident when I speak that others can hear me and clearly understand me. ~ Nicholas M, PARKINSON’S PATIENT

As a singer who has had lung disease related to auto-immune problems, I find the Breather helps to keep the airway open and clear. Great benefit can come from use of something which does not involve more medication! ~ Jane Becker, DMA, SLP-A


I am grateful to have “The Breather” as I know it helps to improve my patients quality of life. ~ Donna Rockhill RN, BSN, BC, CCRP


Their rehab exercises and regular use of “the Breather” helps to reduce the incidence of breathlessness and if they do experience breathlessness they recover more quickly. ~ Donna Rockhill RN, BSN, BC, CCRP


This tool has played a huge,positive, part of what I’m calling my “new life”!  I use it many times during the day when I’m experiencing both “Off” and “On” times with Parkinson’s meds. ~ Nicholas M, PARKINSON’S PATIENT


I have been using the Breather 2 1/2 years and truly believe the Breather helped to improve and expand my lungs and taught me to inhale more deeply and improve my lung capacity. ~ June, PARTIAL LUNG REPLACEMENT PATIENT


I breathe so much easier and am able to clear congestion better with the Breather than any other method. I have better results with it than with the prescription inhalers I have used over the years, and there are none of the worrisome “side effects” which accompany so many medications. I find “The Breather” to be quick and easy to use. ~ Sheila, COPD PATIENT


I would love to let the world know how much my patients and I appreciate your Breather appliance for the treatment of myofunctional disorders. What I do is to retrain swallowing, chewing and breathing. The Breather has enabled my patients to get control of the muscles in the back of the throat (the pharyngeal area) and their tongue, which in turn increases the oral volume.

Because so many of my patients are prone to obstructive sleep apnea, headaches, and TMJ problems, I have found The Breather to be a major help in the development of a patent airway and correct functioning of the muscles of mastication, breathing, and swallowing.

I teach courses in the field at NYU and many other universities around the world and include your product in our protocol. ~ JOY M, BS, RDH, OMT


We were not seeing progress with typical therapy strategies in this 5 year old child with very poor volume and breathy voice quality in addition to hypernasality and nasal air emission during connected speech until we introduced the Breather. We began using the Breather with the lowest resistance level for both inhalation and exhalation, gradually increasing to the highest resistance levels over a five week period of therapy. Voicing volume improved and nasal air emissions have decreased in connected speech. ~ Debra, MS, CCC-SLP


I am a primary patient care physician. I also treat elite athletes. I see a variety of applications with the Breather on patients with COPD/restrictive lung disorder, post operative patients necessitating incentive spirometry, as well as athletes who desire to enhance their breathing efficiency and performance. Subjective comments and exclamations were reported as the following: “I had a greater ability to hold my breath while scuba diving;” “I felt I was able to run further with less breathing effort;” “I had more stamina during the day at work;” “I really felt like there was a lesser feeling of stress at work after two weeks use of the Breather – this thing is incredible.” ~ Lester L, MD


The experience using the “Breather”, as part of my Pulmonary Rehab Program, started back in 1990. Our hospital system is still a customer. The improvements I was seeing in my patients breathing technique and lung capacity were amazing. I also saw Pulmonary Function Test results improve for patients. ~ Lynn BS, RRT, LRT


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